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TileSwap Sleek & Fun - Addictively Fun Puzzle Game!

> TileSwap Sleek & Fun Addictively Fun Puzzle Game!
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What do you mean by "made with/by ChatGPT"?
I mean that the whole game code as been asked to ChatGPT and copy pasted.
Really? Like everything, everything?
Yes everything, everything.

But to give you an honest answer, I would say almost everything.
Can you be a bit more explicit?
Of course!

ChatGPT, gave me:
  • The game idea
  • Resolution algorithm for the various game difficulties
  • Code for all SwiftUI views
  • Animations code
  • App icon
  • App Store description and keywords
Did you had to fix stuff?
Yes and no. Not all the code was working on the first try, so I told ChatGPT the errors and let it correct them.
Did you provided any code yourself?
Yes I had to. At the time of coding this, ChatGPT cutoff for Swift was April 2023. Which means it had no knowledge of iOS 17 and the lastest APIs. I had to made some corrections, but I asked it to always use the correction in the next answer.

It also means that StoreKit code, or GameCenter code had to be done by myself as it was not aware of the last version of those frameworks.

Same for Apple Vision Pro, I almost touched nothing, but the few adjustments needed were made by me.

I also had to make various fixes for the visionOS version, as ChatGPT have no knowledge of it.
Is this website made with ChatGPT?